Did I say practice run?   It’s a good thing because of course we forgot stuff!   Firewood is not easily found here in the woods.   Of course the ranger station is out.   Always have some as a backup plan.   Just remember you cannot take It across state lines. Then there’s the dry bag for the canoe trip.  A must have.   And part of the learning experience is learning that you cannot take anything disposable on some of the state run springs or rivers.   Tupperware will be added to our list of must haves.           And to top it off! ?! We forgot the coffee! !!!
Fortunately we only live 30 minutes from this campground.
Note to self before the big trip: amend your list and check it thrice.


A Boondocking We Will Go

After much preparation we are off to Juniper Springs and Alexander Springs for a much needed spring break. We will be practicing boondocking some more to prep us for the long summer trip.   We created checklist which should hopefully have prevented many forgotten items. Except for the tiny bungee cords to hold together the canoe tiedowns.  They are flapping noisily against the roof of the truck.   Wal-Mart here we come – again!


Northward Bound this Summer

I said we had a plan!  And what an adventurous plan it is.  At this writing our summer will consist of approximately 3500 miles, at least 12 reserved campgrounds, hiking, swimming, canoeing, train riding (and dinner in a train car, if Lesa gets her way) and of course lots of campfires and marshmallows.  I will be in Photography Heaven if the sites are true to reality.

Our first stop will be Acadia National Park in Maine.  We will be staying at Acadia for a week.  According to the following site, we will have more than enough to see and do.  Besides, this is a beautiful site even if you don’t get to travel there.  Check out the photograph gallery.  Breathtaking!


We will be staying at Seawall Campground http://www.acadiamagic.com/seawall-campground.html , on the southwest end of the Mount Desert Island. Bar Harbor is on the other side of the island, but a little distance won’t keep us from heading over for a Maine Lobster meal! And, oh, all the things to see and do between Seawall and Bar Harbor. So exciting.

Next stop……….Covered Bridge Campground in Conway, New Hamshire.

End of the Year? Oh My!

I realized the other day that I haven’t posted in quite some time. Well spring break and summer are just around the corner and The Traveling Wilbury’s (that’s us) will be hitting the road again. Gone is the sailboat. Drop, drop, tears hit the floor. However, never fear we have our land yacht and a plan!

Arlington Cemetary: A Humbling Experience

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My father is a 20 year veteran of the United States Army.  He is a veteran of both the Korean and the Vietnam wars, doing several tours in each.  I feel extremely proud of my father and proud of all the men and women that have and do serve our country.  Many of these brave men and women and their families are not as lucky as I am.  My father came home.

We were very blessed to visit Arlington Cemetery.  While there we saw Kennedy’s Eternal Flame and burial site.  We also trekked up the hill to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  A must see at this part of the cemetery is the changing of the guard, a remarkable and humbling experience.  The tomb is guarded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, rain, sleet, snow or as in the day we visited – sweltering heat.

The pictures I took cannot possibly do justice to the immense size of this place.  They cannot come even close to replicating the feeling one has when realizing just how many men, women and even children are buried here.  (Wives and children can be buried with their husbands/fathers.)  For those men and women that gave their lives for our freedom – Thank You!

NOTE:  There is a lot of walking to see this expansive cemetery.  Wear comfortable shoes, hats and sunscreen (for summer), and definitely take water with you.  Many of the sections are on hills and walking  can be difficult.  In the end, though, you won’t regret the discomfort.


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