Boondocking Reality #2

Water still seems to be the bigger issue so far.   We rarely use the generator except for coffee in the morning and briefly at night.  However,  we feel that conserving water is going to be harder than conserving generator gas and propane. We had the thought of using the campground showers but because of a late dinner (that’s another whole story) we took boat baths.   Boat baths are our name for sponge baths. 
Since we did not think of water as being a major we will continue to ponder this situation and perhaps come up with better solutions for our summer trip

Boondocking Reality #1

One must have water!   Part of boondocking (which is cheaper than upscale campgrounds) is giving up electricity and water.   Fortunately our campsite is near a water faucet. Jim came up with a clever way to funnel the water into the water inlet of the camper.  Jim figures that he carried 108 pounds of water on the water faucet to the camper. That is his work out for the day and now a much deserved refreshing adult beverage!  And later –

Kaelin helping hold the make shift funnel.

a nice warm shower.


Did I say practice run?   It’s a good thing because of course we forgot stuff!   Firewood is not easily found here in the woods.   Of course the ranger station is out.   Always have some as a backup plan.   Just remember you cannot take It across state lines. Then there’s the dry bag for the canoe trip.  A must have.   And part of the learning experience is learning that you cannot take anything disposable on some of the state run springs or rivers.   Tupperware will be added to our list of must haves.           And to top it off! ?! We forgot the coffee! !!!
Fortunately we only live 30 minutes from this campground.
Note to self before the big trip: amend your list and check it thrice.



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