Camper Inventory


Just a quick idea:  I was doing my pre-trip inventory when I heard thunder and decided to high-tail it into the house before the skies let loose.   But, before I left the job too undone, I snapped off several pictures of the area I was inventorying.  Didn’t take but a few minutes and I was able to finish checking off my list in the house. I think I will leave the pics on my phone then when we go shopping I can do a “virtual check” of my cabinets. After all, I can never remember what’s in my cabinets.

Dry Run

We took the camper for a dry run today to make sure all the adjustments Jim made  to the camper and truck work well before we head to Maine in a couple of weeks.   We don’t want to get caught with our proverbial camping pants down.  
We drove from home to Gainesville, stopping for lunch at the rest area on 75 and 121.  In the past stopping at a rest stop would be a miserable trip, sweating and noisy. Now that we have the Honda 3000 generator stopping will be a sweet relief.  Almost too sweet. The issue : “Do we really want to get going again?   Can’t we just stay here and take a nap?” Two more weeks and why yes we can!

Boondocking Reality #2

Water still seems to be the bigger issue so far.   We rarely use the generator except for coffee in the morning and briefly at night.  However,  we feel that conserving water is going to be harder than conserving generator gas and propane. We had the thought of using the campground showers but because of a late dinner (that’s another whole story) we took boat baths.   Boat baths are our name for sponge baths. 
Since we did not think of water as being a major we will continue to ponder this situation and perhaps come up with better solutions for our summer trip


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