Attention Getters

kaelin leads the packRecumbents are not the norm on the trail we ride near our home, so we are used to being stared at.  But on this beautiful day several months ago we got a little extra attention.

We ride the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenways Trail, a 5 mile, 3 looped trail behind our house.   Jim and I like to ride there when we can’t make it to a longer trail elsewhere, but Kaelin likes to ride there when he can play on the playground.

We were keeping a watchful eye on our 4 year old as he played and ran amok through the play area.  As we were watching him a lady approached us asking if we belonged to the 3 recumbent trikes sitting near the fence.  We said yes and she introduced herself as a free-lance photographer for the Ocala Star Banner.  She said she wanted to take some photos of us as we rode our bikes.  We agreed.

It was a lot of fun doing this and we felt like mini-celebraties for several days as we shared with friends and families that our pictures could be seen from the Star Banner’s website and then, of course, when we found out that our photo was being featured a week later.

It really is our hope that more and more people see us riding recumbents and stop and ask us what they are like.  We find that there is so much benefit in riding them that they are worth the extra cost over a life time.

An Adventure of a Different Kind

Hot Dot (our 26 foot Chrysler sailboat) has been brought home to rest for a while.  Saddened as we are to not be able to sail, I am excited about our summer plans.  Jim and I bought his parent’s 30 foot Award camper.  We are planning to go camping in several state parks this summer.  Reservations have been made.  Several  maiden voyages have been had (we’ve discovered the art of Walmart camping too!)  Minor, and some not so minor, repairs have helped us learn the various aspects of RVing.  While there is a certain comfort and safety that goes along with RVing the sheer beauty and inner peace that we recieve from sailing isn’t there.  Or perhaps we just haven’t found it yet.

Our hopes are to discover some beauty and much needed relaxation  in visiting several state parks.  We have on our itenary to visit first Long Key State Park in Islamorada, then over to Curry Hammock State Park in Marathon.  We will then scoot over to John Pennycamp in Key Largo.   Collier Seminole near Naples will head us back up

North.  Lake Kissimmee State Park and Blue Springs State Park will be a Central Florida camping experience.  We have friends getting married June 27th and will stay at Blue Springs since it is located approximately 20 minutes from Tory and Kevin’s wedding site of Lake Mary Convention Center.

Although this is a fairly full camping itenary we will take only a short break back home.  After a brief visit home, probably to cut grass, we will head back out to revisit Sebastion Inlet State Park.  This we hope to be the highlight of our summer trip.  We spent a few days there during spring break.  It was entirely too cold to enjoy the parks many ammenities fully.  The summer should be much more promising.

Camper at site 4 Sebastion Inlet
Camper at site 4 Sebastion Inlet

Each of the places offer swimming, fishing, some bike riding (Yay!) and other activities that should promise to bring a smile to our little guys face and warmth to our hearts.  It will be different than sailing to say the least.  However we will be able to see the parks differently than had we visited from ocean side.  We will also have AIR CONDITIONING!  This is a8605664267_2fe3512781_s[1] BIG PLUS.

So if you are one of our followers we hope to see you this summer as we “sail” through Florida once again.8605670365_1d0af63d2e_s[1]