Urban Legend not a Hoax

For many years we heard that there were monkeys living along the Silver River in the Ocala National Forest.  Many people, myself included, felt this to be urban legend.  Well, I have proof it is not.  Back in February we took a canoe trip down the Silver River.  It was such an enjoyable, beautiful day, made even better by encountering these fun creatures.  They live about 5 miles from the Ray Wayside Park.  Their territory seems to be about a mile in length.  We found it interesting that both times we came here, this was the area they hung out in.  Why they don’t travel farther, we don’t know.

My photos are not the best, as it is difficult to get a steady shot from a canoe, sometimes moving at that!  Unfortunately, we were limited to staying inside the boat.  My dream is to get a faster lens so that some of this issue is eliminated, but until then……

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I’m in trouble!

So my husband says to me today, “I can’t find any of our trip pictures.  Don’t you want to share them?”

Oops, I realize I get so busy that I neglect my blog site.  I have a choice, either cancel it or use it!  I guess I’ll use it.  It just takes discipline.

We have had many trips since I last blogged and I have finished my photography courses, so what I think I may do is work a little each week on my photos that have been filed in the “I can’t get to you right now” file.

I learned through NYIP that I need to be brutal with my selections.  Can’t keep everything.  I am going to pick a folder, cut out any that don’t come close to meeting the criteria of a successful photographer, and edit the rest.  My hopes are that I can also briefly talk about where the pictures were taken and why.

How many did I get done tonight?  Two!  Hey, it’s a beginning.  Don’t judge me.canoeing-the-silver-riversilver-river-bird

These photos were taken this February on the Silver River in Ocala, Florida.  This river is roughly a 7 mile gem from Ray Wayside Park to the headsprings at the newly renovated Silver Springs State Park  (use to be Silver Springs Amusement Park.)  These photos were taken as we were canoeing the river.  Getting exact sharpness in your photographs while canoeing is a bit of a challenge.  However, I liked these two photos for depicting just some of the natural beauty of this amazing river.