New Trike

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I did it!  Jim has brought me over to the dark side.  It has taken a year, but I finally had to agree that a recumbent trike is much more fun to ride than my regular bike (and even it wasn’t so regular.)  I went to Hampton’s Edge Bike Shop in Floral City and bought a beautiful red Greenspeed Anura.  It is a delta trike, two wheels in the back and one in the front.  It rides so smoothly, turns on a dime and Jim thinks I’m riding faster than on my Comfort Day 6.  He thinks it’s because I’m more confident.  It’s true; I don’t have that feeling that I could fall at any given moment.

I’m coming home almost every night and riding in the circle.  We live on a cul-de-sac and it makes for easy, quick rides before supper.  It’s also safer for Kaelin to ride without the worry of traffic.  Of course, I made the mistake of allowing him to hitch a ride  with me.  He sits on my lap as I go around the circle.  I have to nip that in the bud quick or he won’t want to ride his bicycle.

We did take him back to the Greenway and had him ride his bicycle around a couple loops.  It was so much nicer on the Anura because I could ride right along side of him and encourage him to ride on the right side of the road.  Jim grabs hold of him and tandems him down the slight declines.  I tried it once and caused him to fall.  Poor baby, he cried a little but got right back on his bike and kept on going.  Lance Armstrong watch out, Kaelin is on his way!

New Bikes?

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Oh what a quandry we are in!  I currently have a Day 6 Comfort bike.  Wonderful bike, smooth, very comfortable.  HOWEVER, because it is a two wheel bike and I am not as smooth as I once was, the bike swerves too much when I have to ride slow.  This is especially true when loaded down with groceries or camping gear (that’s another story).

So, the love of my life suggests that I get a trike.  He has a Performer Action Bent trike.  He has had it for over a year and loves it.  Last weekend we took Little Man to the Greenway to allow him to ride his bicycle to the park.  Unfortunately, being that he’s three, he is very slow.  I cannot ride my bike that slow and watch him.  I ended up walking my bike the mile to the park.  On the way back Jim offered to let me ride his trike.  I fell in love with the comfort and ease.  I don’t know what I was afraid of.  (I was previously very nervous about riding a trike so I bought the Comfort bike instead.)

We took a trip to Inverness the next day.  We went back to the shop I bought my bike from, Sun Coast Bikes.  I rode two there, the Rover and the Sun USX.  The Rover, TerraTrike, is no way my favorite.  Did not like it at all.  The Sun, a delta (2 wheels in back and 1 in front) was nice but it did pull a little to the side as I rode.  We then went to Hampton’s Edge Trailside in Floral City.  The gentleman there introduced me to my new love, the Greenspeed Anura, also a delta.   He let me ride it down the trail a ways.  (Both shops are located right next to the Withlacoochee Trail. )  The Anura was very, very smooth and extremely comfortable.  The seat sets up higher than most trikes so I don’t feel like I’m going to be missed by a car.  The seatback also sits up more upright than most trikes.  I was in heaven.  And to think I thought my bike was Comfort!  I didn’t buy the Anura because I wanted to research it first.

My research into the Anura and to many other trikes only frustrated me.  Everything I read about Greenspeed was very positive.  Apparently their products are top notch.  What I did find, however, is that the Anura is probably only one of about two trikes that has a differential rear-end.  Some Anura’s come with a Shumpff speed-drive.  That drives the price up.  That I don’t have to have.  However, almost all Anura’s have only 16 inch wheels.  Jim wants me to get the one that has 20 inch wheels.  Only Hostel Shoppe has them.  So do I pay for that one which would cost me more for shipping or get the one from Hampton’s Edge?  I have to find out what wheel size that one is.  If it’s 16 inches, Jim swears it’s 20, then he has to do laundry and the lawn for a month!  Either way I win.

And now Jim wants a Rans Trizard.  He says that if I get a Delta trike then he needs one.  The cool thing about it we can get a tandem hitch and hook the two bikes together.  You can’t do that with a tadpole (2 wheels in front and 1 in back.)

We have spent the past week browsing the internet until we are blue in the face.  I think we have checked all possible avenues and are back to square one.  SOOOOOOOOOOO, the answer remains to be seen.  Do we spend the money and buy these wonderful bikes or bank it and wait?

We’ll see.

Blogging Education

I am really working hard at getting a blogging education.  Pressing buttons is the best way to really get to “know” your computer and it’s capabilities, so that’s what I did.  I scrolled, typed, pasted, you name it.  I think I’m starting to get a handle on how to set our blog page up.  I added our Flickr account as a link on the side bar.  This way if interested parties, and I’m hoping that’s you, want to check out our adventures visually, you can visit the site.  Simply click on the link and it will take you to the Flickr site.  Jim does a pretty good job of updating pictures on there.  Enjoy.

Now since this only took 3 hours to accomplish and work is just around the corner, I’m going to bed.  Until the next time.

Perhaps this weekend I’ll finally tell the tale of 3 reluctant bicycle campers and their adventure to Fanning Springs State Park.

Fanning Springs to Cross City Ride

Suwanee River Bridge Nature Coast Trail
Suwanee River Bridge Nature Coast Trail
[slideshow]On the spur of the moment we decided to take a ride to the Fanning Springs Nature Coast Trail. 
We missed the trailhead in Chiefland but found parking near Fanning Springs.  We found out we could go one direction toward Trenton or the other direction toward Cross City.  The decision was easy since going toward Cross City allowed us to cross the Suwannee River.  This was one of the prettiest rides we have taken.  To Cross City and back it was 26 miles.  The ride was completely level, no inclines, very smooth.  Most of the ride was under cover of trees.  There were benches about every 3 miles, however it wasn’t until we reached Cross City that we were able to use a restroom at a local gas station.  Of course KB was able to go on the side of the road, being three years old and all.  That was rather funny in itself.

One thing we learned, I learned, was that I really need to bring my jacket and long pants whether  it’s warm at the moment or not.  It got rather chilly  the last leg of the journey. Jim, my knight in shining armor, loaned me his jacket so I wouldn’t freeze.  Overall though it was a really nice ride, with the view from the Suwanee River bridge being superb.

To top off the evening we stopped in Chiefland for a well deserved dinner.  We randomly chose a resteraunt that turned out to have the best pizza we have ever eaten.  The place was called ABC Mediteranean.  Excellent food and service.

I also included pictures in my slide show of when we went camping on our bikes to Fanning Springs.  That was about 2 weeks later and it was a blast.  Met a guy there that was traveling across America on his bike.  Realized camping is hard work but fun.  Kaelin is a born camper.  I can’t wait to go again.  Soon.

New Year New Adventures

It’s a new year and many adventures await us.  Jim and I are two teachers that like to ride bikes and spend time on our sailboat, Hot Dot, when we are not teaching or working around the house.  We do all of this with our little guy, a sweet, precocious three-year old, KB.  KB, by the way, learned how to ride his new bicycle this weekend.  It’s all a lot of fun, great exercise, and a wonderful way to see the world, especially for KB. 

I’m fairly new to sailing so it’s a learning experience that has proven to be quite exciting. Jim, an old hat at sailing, took me and KB down the Gulf Coast this past summer and we passed with flying colors.  He plans on taking us down the Atlantic Coast this summer, hopefully to the Keys.  I’m quite excited.  I’m not as new at biking, however, I’ve never ridden as many miles as I have since riding with Jim.  We are working towards taking short tours with our bikes, a Comfort Day 6 and a Action Bent recumbent trike.  We even plan on camping!  See, camping is not new to us, but neither of us has done it on a bike!  Nothing like carrying your whole campsite on a bike.  What a challenge. 

Though Jim and I both have some experience one way or the other with bikes and boats, we do not have experience with blogging.  We wanted a way to share our experiences with friends and family and anyone interested in bikes and sailboats.  There are blog sites for boats, blog sites for bikes, but not for both.  We hope that this becomes a fun way to share our experiences, pictures and maybe spark some interest in both enterprises.

Always An Adventure

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