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Quick note:

Due to data limitations my blogs for the past 2 days will come later.   However, I did want to note for any boondockers out there that the Walmart in Cromwell, CT (i84?) is RV friendly.   We arrived approximately 9:00 last night and as a courtesy called to ask if okay to stay.   At the point we arrived, no other campers were there. The lady who answered was super nice and said since it was open 24hrs it shouldn’t be a problem.  I put up towels over the shades which helped block out the parking lights. There was a semi parked next somewhat to us that was sort of nosy, but otherwise okay sleeping night.
Spent money on some repair supplies this morning, so as we see it, it’s win-win situation.
Thank you Walmart and Allstays.

Never Set Sail On a Friday

Current Temperature : 82°
Current location : Columbia, SC
Current time : 10:30 am
Approximately 420 miles from home.
There is a belief in the sailing world that one should never set sail on a Friday.   “”That won’t apply to us. ” we said to ourselves.   We believed that since we were camping that the rule didn’t apply. In early morning coffee retrospection we decided that yes indeedy it did apply even in the camping world.
Think about it: yesterday we hit a terrible, blinding thunder storm with torrential rain near Jacksonville.   It was all Jim could do to keep going.   He said it was very difficult to see.   I’m very proud of him, as he handled it way better than I ever would have.   Note: new tires or at least good tires are a must and nerves of steel.
Then when we stopped at a Walmart for the night I fell going into the camper.   I hit the settee pretty hard,  but I’m tough and am better today.  Lesson- use the flashlight that resides in your purse.
Jim bought me a new key ring today that has a mini flashlight on it and an extra camper and truck key.
Why an extra key you ask; because when you lock your truck keys in the truck at 10 o’clock at night you decide an extra might be a great idea.   Lesson: have a spare and thank God for AAA.
So,  next year we will wait until Saturday, even it it is 12:01 midnight.

Northward Bound this Summer

I said we had a plan!  And what an adventurous plan it is.  At this writing our summer will consist of approximately 3500 miles, at least 12 reserved campgrounds, hiking, swimming, canoeing, train riding (and dinner in a train car, if Lesa gets her way) and of course lots of campfires and marshmallows.  I will be in Photography Heaven if the sites are true to reality.

Our first stop will be Acadia National Park in Maine.  We will be staying at Acadia for a week.  According to the following site, we will have more than enough to see and do.  Besides, this is a beautiful site even if you don’t get to travel there.  Check out the photograph gallery.  Breathtaking!


We will be staying at Seawall Campground http://www.acadiamagic.com/seawall-campground.html , on the southwest end of the Mount Desert Island. Bar Harbor is on the other side of the island, but a little distance won’t keep us from heading over for a Maine Lobster meal! And, oh, all the things to see and do between Seawall and Bar Harbor. So exciting.

Next stop……….Covered Bridge Campground in Conway, New Hamshire.

Wedding Day

I think this is one time I should let pictures do more of my talking than words. Our wedding was held at the Silver River State Park Museum. A little gem in Ocala, Fl. Our reception was held at the large pavilion near the museum. It was unusual, fun to prepare for and definitely a wonderful way to express our love.

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12 Days til Yet Another Adventure – Joint Adventure That Is

The Mastodon Backdrop for our wedding.
The Mastodon Backdrop for our wedding.
Like all of our adventures this next adventure promises to be most interesting. In fact it could be our best ever. In twelve days, July 4th, Jim and I will be exchanging vows at the Silver River State Museum. This hidden treasure is part of the Marion County School Board in Ocala, FL. Being teachers Jim thought it would be only appropriate that we profess our love in a place that is meaningful and rich in history. For us it is time to write new histories.
Preparing and researching for the wedding has been an adventure in and of itself. Because of the history of the Silver River State Park we decided on a “themed” wedding. However, though we toyed with the idea of Tarzan or The Flintstones, neither of us could quite see being dressed the parts. Another theme came to mind and has taken on a life of its own.
After the wedding I will post pictures and thoughts, but for now a few more pre-wedding tasks and honeymoon chores. A couple of weeks camping trip to Washington DC and surrounding areas will be the height of our wedding adventures. No biking, no boating but lots of photos!

Photo Favs for the Weekend


With all of us being sick, not much bike riding has occurred lately. Not to worry, I have enough “adventures” to keep me more than busy. This weekend I pulled the Nikon D3100 out and clicked away. I am enjoying playing with the camera, learning more and more how it works. I can’t wait until the summer when I can try taking a photography class. Until then, I practice away.

My Hopeful Flowers
My Hopeful Flowers


First time climbing a tree.
First time climbing a tree.
Prepare to be astounded.
Prepare to be astounded.
Christmas cactus finally after all these years blooming.
Christmas cactus finally after all these years blooming.



Watching through the window.
Watching through the window.


Cold Rainy Day
Cold Rainy Day



DSC_0005 (2)

Adventure of a Different Kind: Hoggtowne Medieval Renaissance Faire

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I know that this doesn’t have anything to do with boats, bikes or camping, but it was an adventure and worthy of sharing.  It’s been a couple of years since I have been to the Faire, so I was excited to be able to return.  At first I was supposed to meet a coworker / friend and her family.  Lo and behold my man that doesn’t “like” these kinds of activities decided he would indeed go with me and Kaelin.  We quietly drove the 60 some miles to Gainesville in anticipation of how this venue would be received.

Immediately upon arrival you are greeted by the town “drunkard” hurling insults and catcalls from the citadel walls.  This formed a slight smile upon my handsome knights face.  We entered the kingdom to the sounds and smells of a delightful faire.  I kept watch on King James’ face to see how he was responding to the crowd and strange sights.  To our delight we stopped at the nearest show called Barely Balanced and barely balanced was exactly what it was.  The humor, slightly raucous, tickled funny bones and the balancing acts amazed and astounded.  Jim warmed to the affair quickly.

The day consisted of sight seeing, a Maypole Dance for Kaelin, fair food fare from the faire (I know “Boo”, but I couldn’t resist), our very first jousting tournament (our guy won!) and Kaelin trying to ring the bell with the heavy hammer.  We never did see our friends, however, we saw some of the most interesting characters.  All in all it was a very nice day.

King James’ verdict:  “Surprisingly, Not bad.”

Can’t wait until next year:  I plan on dressing up.  Jim doesn’t believe me, but wait and see!