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End of the Year? Oh My!

I realized the other day that I haven’t posted in quite some time. Well spring break and summer are just around the corner and The Traveling Wilbury’s (that’s us) will be hitting the road again. Gone is the sailboat. Drop, drop, tears hit the floor. However, never fear we have our land yacht and a plan!

Wedding Day

I think this is one time I should let pictures do more of my talking than words. Our wedding was held at the Silver River State Park Museum. A little gem in Ocala, Fl. Our reception was held at the large pavilion near the museum. It was unusual, fun to prepare for and definitely a wonderful way to express our love.

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Adventure of a Different Kind: Hoggtowne Medieval Renaissance Faire

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I know that this doesn’t have anything to do with boats, bikes or camping, but it was an adventure and worthy of sharing.  It’s been a couple of years since I have been to the Faire, so I was excited to be able to return.  At first I was supposed to meet a coworker / friend and her family.  Lo and behold my man that doesn’t “like” these kinds of activities decided he would indeed go with me and Kaelin.  We quietly drove the 60 some miles to Gainesville in anticipation of how this venue would be received.

Immediately upon arrival you are greeted by the town “drunkard” hurling insults and catcalls from the citadel walls.  This formed a slight smile upon my handsome knights face.  We entered the kingdom to the sounds and smells of a delightful faire.  I kept watch on King James’ face to see how he was responding to the crowd and strange sights.  To our delight we stopped at the nearest show called Barely Balanced and barely balanced was exactly what it was.  The humor, slightly raucous, tickled funny bones and the balancing acts amazed and astounded.  Jim warmed to the affair quickly.

The day consisted of sight seeing, a Maypole Dance for Kaelin, fair food fare from the faire (I know “Boo”, but I couldn’t resist), our very first jousting tournament (our guy won!) and Kaelin trying to ring the bell with the heavy hammer.  We never did see our friends, however, we saw some of the most interesting characters.  All in all it was a very nice day.

King James’ verdict:  “Surprisingly, Not bad.”

Can’t wait until next year:  I plan on dressing up.  Jim doesn’t believe me, but wait and see!