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12 Days til Yet Another Adventure – Joint Adventure That Is

The Mastodon Backdrop for our wedding.
The Mastodon Backdrop for our wedding.
Like all of our adventures this next adventure promises to be most interesting. In fact it could be our best ever. In twelve days, July 4th, Jim and I will be exchanging vows at the Silver River State Museum. This hidden treasure is part of the Marion County School Board in Ocala, FL. Being teachers Jim thought it would be only appropriate that we profess our love in a place that is meaningful and rich in history. For us it is time to write new histories.
Preparing and researching for the wedding has been an adventure in and of itself. Because of the history of the Silver River State Park we decided on a “themed” wedding. However, though we toyed with the idea of Tarzan or The Flintstones, neither of us could quite see being dressed the parts. Another theme came to mind and has taken on a life of its own.
After the wedding I will post pictures and thoughts, but for now a few more pre-wedding tasks and honeymoon chores. A couple of weeks camping trip to Washington DC and surrounding areas will be the height of our wedding adventures. No biking, no boating but lots of photos!