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Quick note:

Due to data limitations my blogs for the past 2 days will come later.   However, I did want to note for any boondockers out there that the Walmart in Cromwell, CT (i84?) is RV friendly.   We arrived approximately 9:00 last night and as a courtesy called to ask if okay to stay.   At the point we arrived, no other campers were there. The lady who answered was super nice and said since it was open 24hrs it shouldn’t be a problem.  I put up towels over the shades which helped block out the parking lights. There was a semi parked next somewhat to us that was sort of nosy, but otherwise okay sleeping night.
Spent money on some repair supplies this morning, so as we see it, it’s win-win situation.
Thank you Walmart and Allstays.

First Night

Current Temperature: 70°
Current location: Manning,SC
Walmart Parking Lot
Approximately 370 miles from home.
We used our Allstays app to find a Walmart that would allow overnight parking and are pleased with the results.   It’s not overly huge, but still ample room for parking.   We are near the garden center, along the side.   There are 3 other campers and staying must not be an issue as the Security guard even waved to Jim.
I did fall pretty hard when I came in the camper so I feel pretty stupid.   After all I do have a flashlight in my bag. I also realize we need some light blocking curtains as,  wow, this parking lot is lit up! 
Off to bed we go.